Meet the crew that makes it all happen.

Hero down




Hank Wells  

Hank Wells is the guy who started all this nonsense way back in 1995. Trying to avoid getting a “real” job after graduation from the University of Virginia, he had no idea how many social chairs, brides, and event planners would become loyal clients, and is thankful for each and every one. Outside the office, Hank rides bikes, snowboards, likes racket sports, digs twangy music and remains in relentless pursuit of the perfect Italian sub.


director of business development

Andy Jaspen  

In the past 15 years, Andy has helped clients book over 8,500 events, including more than 4,500 weddings. His desire to share a slice of wedding cake with every happy couple vanishes when he remembers that’s way too much cake for any mortal man. Andy loves watching the Atlanta Braves, supporting his alma mater, the University of Virginia ('99), walking his dog, Dougie, and traveling with his wife Jenny and children Abe, Annie and Leo. Ask him about the band that played at his own wedding (Ban Caribe in ’04)…or all those Phish concerts he's attended. (93 since ’93—and counting!)


director of booking

Andrew Juge  

Born in New Orleans, Andrew grew up in Paris, France. He’s a great guy, fun to work with, just don’t call him on a Monday after the Saints or LSU loses. Andrew and his wife bring their children, Cullen and Lila, back to New Orleans as often as possible. It’s where they got married in March 2009 with The Jangling Reinharts in tow. A tennis superstar at Washington & Lee University (’03), Andrew gave up fame and fortune to concentrate on his still-mediocre guitar skills. His Stone Temple Pilots tribute band (Stone Temple Pirates) still reunites every time a member gets married.


booking manager

Mike Miglino  

Originally from New York, Mike considers Fredericksburg, Virginia, to be his hometown. That’s where he accumulated more than 25 years of music performance experience and a lengthy marketing background. (Not only can Mike locate the most demographically appropriate music, he’ll find the 220 volt outlet behind stage.) No one is really sure just how old Mike is, though he attributes his “youthiness” to preservatives and Yellow Dye #5. Mike's other full time job is keeping his wife Julie happy and being a good father to their triplets. Mike's cover band, Short Biggie, reunites periodically for performances in and around central Virginia.


booking manager

Justin Paciocco  

A Richmond native and graduate of Hampden-Sydney College, Justin spent most of college being a “frat dawg,” dominating the tennis courts, playing in popular college band Farm Vegas, and even finding time to study. When he is not booking bands, Justin enjoys playing the piano and guitar, catching as much live music as humanly possible, and cheering on his favorite sports teams. Justin is probably the only person you know who is an avid fan of the NY Yankees, St. Louis Rams, Orlando Magic, and Richmond Spiders.


booking manager /New York

Candace DeBartolo  

Originally from Chicago, now hailing from Brooklyn, Candace is the face of Sam Hill in New York City and the northeastern United States. A veteran performer and booking manager, her experience on both sides of the band booking coin gives her invaluable insight into working with clients, planners, and bands. She’s the leader and sax player of The Mustangs Band, and she’s played with luminaries like Solomon Burke, Rufus Thomas, and Aretha Franklin. She also leads Seeker, her own original jazz ensemble, and plays with NYC art-rock project Spottiswoode & His Enemies.


booking manager /Atlanta

Beth Treschitta  

Beth is Sam Hill's eyes and ears in Atlanta and Central Georgia. She’s also a native Midwesterner who lived in Connecticut, so she's got the knowledge and experience to help pretty much anyone anywhere. A lifelong lover of music, Beth wanted to be a singer until she figured out how much better suited she was to the booking and management side. A sixties and seventies music buff and a big John Denver fan, she dares you to come up with a joke she hasn't heard. Beth also enjoys volleyball, swimming, and reading in her spare time.



office manager / contracts supervisor

Taylor Wesa  

Taylor arrived on the scene at Sam Hill after serving as general manager of The Happy Cook, Charlottesville's boutique cooking supply store. An avid culinary artist, she enjoys studying classic recipes and the chemistry behind cooking. When she's not serving as de facto caterer for family and friends, Taylor spends her free time puttering around in her vegetable garden, taking photos and developing her own prints, and playing guitar. (You can do so much with basic chords!) She saw her first concert at 13 (Widespread Panic) and has been a fan ever since. A Charlottesville native, she just bought a house in the area with Tristan, her husband.


client support manager

Katie Merritt  

Katie began her career at Sam Hill after graduating from the University of Virginia in 2003. She returned in late 2014 on a mission to make the client experience as smooth as possible. Katie knows the biz; she’s worked extensively in event planning and customer service at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, St. Joseph's Villa, and Echelon Event Management. She also operates her own wedding planning company on the side. Katie enjoys spending time with her husband and their two-year-old son, walking her dog, traveling, art history, knitting, and cheering on Virginia basketball and football.


business manager/media director

Charlie Sallwasser  

After over a decade, Charlie has done almost everything someone can do at Sam Hill Entertainment. He found a home at the company making sure all our numbers add up. When he's off the clock, Charlie loves spending time with his wife Jess (married in 2010, to a soundtrack provided by The Jangling Reinharts), his son Ben, and his dog Maddie. He also loves going to shows, digging through crates of old records, watching NBA games, and seeking out the perfect cup of coffee. (Especially the morning after a show. He's not as young as he used to be.)


office assistant

Cameron Hildebrand  

Cameron Hildebrand welcomes you to your experience with Sam Hill. A Charlottesville native, Cam attended UVa, where she focused on cinematography and philosophy. She came to Sam Hill because she loves live music; she moonlights as a bartender at area music festivals during the summer and can be found showing off her stellar dance moves at venues throughout the state anytime a good band hits the stage. When she's not trying to keep track of all of her collected ticket stubs, Cam prefers to be outside; she enjoys soccer, disc golf, and hiking the Blue Ridge.



creative director

Joe Kaltenbach  

Joe brings decades of experience in brand development and creative guidance to Sam Hill. He has extensive history in film and video production, and his work branding Fortune 500 companies combined with life as a professional touring and recording musician makes him an ideal creative leader at Sam Hill. He once discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down. Joe is a dad of three, a yogi, a poet and huge supporter of his NY sports teams. Go Yankees, Rangers and Bills!


director of video and photography

Mike Jarvis  

Growing up in a small town on the outskirts of Warrenton, Virginia, Mike was that little kid that loved to go to summer art programs and spent countless hours studying music theory. He also enjoyed taking electronics apart, so no one was surprised when he went on to get a music degree and study the digital arts at Longwood University (’01). His life passions are music, cinematography, animation, and spending time with his wife, daughter, and two cats. In his spare time, Mike is guilty of working just a bit more. His mantra is that when you love what you do for a living, you never really work a full day.


creative team production manager

Erinn Scheibel  

Erinn brings a wealth of creative experience to our team. Her lifelong pursuit of genuine stories led her first to UVA’s history department, then to San Francisco, L.A., and New York City for seven years in TV and film production for ABC, NBC, Bravo, MTV, and HGTV. When Erinn isn’t making something, she's doing something—be it traveling (by air or car, near or far), yoga, riding horses with friends, or driving through the country with the windows down and music cranked way up.