Communicating with the Band

  1. When will I hear from the band?
  2. I want to contact the band before the 30- or 60-day mark specified above. Can you help me?
  3. The contract rider says I need to provide a meal for the band. Is this necessary?
  4. What will the band wear?
  5. Do we get a face-to-face meeting with the band?
  6. Song List

  7. Can I get a copy of the band’s current song list?
  8. What is the best way to specify song list requests?
  9. Will the band learn a song that’s not on their song list?
  10. Will the band send me a recording of them performing my first dance song request in advance?
  11. Can one of the guests play or sing a song during the band’s break?
  12. Timeline

  13. How many breaks does the band take and how long are they?
  14. What music will the band provide while on break?
  15. Can the band play recorded music before their performance?
  16. Can the band play recorded music after their performance?
  17. How much time does the band need to set up and soundcheck their equipment?
  18. We’re having our ceremony in the same room as the reception. Can the band set up their equipment during cocktail hour while the room is in transition?
  19. Can the band MC my event?
  20. Venue

  21. Does the band require a tent for an outside performance?
  22. Does the band bring a stage? If not, do I need to provide one?
  23. My venue can’t accommodate the band’s dressing room request. Is this a problem?
  24. My venue doesn’t offer vendor parking. Is this a problem?
  25. My venue only allows one hour for vendors to exit the building after my event. Is this a problem?
  26. Will the band be too loud for my venue?
  27. My event is at a private residence. Are 20-amp circuits typically found in a private home?
  28. Will the band or my booking manager from Sam Hill attend a site visit at my venue?
  29. Band Equipment

  30. Can I use the band’s speakers and/or microphone for my ceremony?
  31. Does the band have a remote speaker so guests inside and outside can hear them?
  32. How much power does the band need for their equipment?
  33. Does the band bring a generator?
  34. Does the band travel with extension cords?
  35. Other

  36. Should I offer gratuity to the band?
  37. Does the band carry insurance?