Music Samples

There comes "a moment" at every event where the night can either remain a "pretty good time" or transform into something truly special that your guests will never forget. The best bands can identify this moment, choose the perfect song to energize the room, connect with the dance floor, and propel the party into the stratosphere. Six Stylez always finds this "moment” and makes the most of it.

It starts with the music, as it should. Six Stylez plays it all, from what is popular now to what was popular then, and moves from genre to genre with ease. Featuring four dynamic and experienced musicians on stage, Six Stylez produces a big, clean, professional sound that makes everything they play something that you’ll both hear and feel. This is not your grandfather’s four-piece rock band (but we bet he’ll have fun, too). Beyond the music, the band brings state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment to ensure that each event they play looks and sounds perfect.

In addition to rocking your party, the musicians in Six Stylez can see your musical and event planning needs through an entire event. Bassist Derek Ferguson has spent more than half of his life serving as an emcee and DJ to hundreds of events and will ensure that there’s never a dull moment on your special night, and the band can play a full set of easy-going lighter music to fit the mood at a quiet, seated dinner.

When Six Stylez hits the stage, one thing is soon made abundantly clear: your guests are going to dance. This is a band that seizes “the moment” every time.