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Baaba Seth
Original Music - homegrown world groove
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Biography: Baaba Seth

Imagine a group of musicians that is more like a tribe than a band, plays songs that are accessible and catchy without sacrificing musicianship or artistic integrity, has a high-energy, captivating live show, and has influences that span both musical history as well as the globe, creating a uniquely modern and American sound. The band you are trying to imagine is Baaba Seth.

The individuals that make up Baaba Seth take all of their combined influences- borrowing from any and all musical traditions (from rock, funk, and jazz to African, Reggae, Latin, and Zydeco)- to create a repertoire of refreshing and exciting original music. While having such a wide range of influences makes some bands sound schizophrenically confused, Baaba Seth’s influences are unified by their unmistakable vibe and energy. The repertoire is anchored by songs with poetic, sometimes politically or socially conscious lyrics and song structures that recall the simple elegance of Paul Simon or Bob Marley, with world-class arrangements (always done by the whole band) that complete the Baaba Seth sound.

Baaba Seth’s live show is an active, moving experience that holds the audience’s rapt attention from beginning to end. With shining instrumental performances and powerful vocals (with 2-3 part harmonies), as well as a striking visual presence, Baaba Seth live is serious business –sounding like a world-beat band one minute, then like Santana or Parliament the next. The live Baaba Seth lineup may consist of the six main musicians, to anywhere else from 7-10 musicians, depending on however many of the extended Baaba family is worked into the mix. These include extra horn players, percussionists, and didjeridoo. Whatever the lineup, the high level of musical communication between the band members (and from the band to the audience) is always present.

Baaba Seth’s hometown of Charlottesville, Va. has become a nationally recognized hotbed of musical talent. Ever since the Dave Matthews Band became a national, multi-platinum act, there has been an expectant energy around the local music scene. In their years together, Baaba Seth has established itself as Charlottesville’s most popular musical act, attracting hundreds of fans to each show. In addition Baaba Seth has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of the world’s top musical acts, including: Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear Malathini and the Mahotella Queens and Thomas Mapfumo and The Blacks Unlimited (two of Africa’s biggest bands), Terrence Simien (critically acclaimed Zydeco musician who worked with Paul Simon on Graceland), and the Dave Matthews Band.

“Energy is a highly tuned art form with Baaba Seth…infectious grooves easily translate themselves to appreciate audiences and convince newcomers to get up off their feet and join in.”
-Laura A. Rydin, Pitch Magazine

“What do you get when you mix vocals whose passion rival’s Bob Marley’s, a brass section as wild as that of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, drums that mimic the rhythm of African tribes, and the uplifting spirit of the Greatful Dead?…Baaba Seth.”
-Dale Hershman, Cavalier Daily

“Their music sets new standards for eclectic groove oriented music…Baaba Seth makes everyone dance…as touring acts go there is no better live band out there.”
-Helen Worth, The Beat

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